General Info

Text Giving Quick Guide

 Oakland (925) 231-3376

 Pittsburg (925) 231-8201

Use NDO for Oakland and NDP for Pittsburg


Step 1) Text amount to new number and a reply link will lead to card registration.

                Ex. $20

Step 2) Once complete, an additional text message will state, ‘Your giving was successful’.

Ongoing Giving

Step 1) Enter amount and fund name.*

NDP Fund Names:

                NDP Tithes and Offerings

                NDP Love Offering

                NDP Capital Campaign

                NDP First Fruit

                NDP Missions

                Ex. $20 NDP Tithes and Offerings

NDO Fund Names:

                NDO Tithes and Offering

                NDO Love Offering

                NDO Capital Campaign

                NDO First Fruit

                NDO Missions

                Ex. $20 NDO Tithes and Offerings

   ° If fund is not chosen, contribution will default to tithes and offerings.

   ° Fund names must be spelled as displayed above.

   ° Only one fund can be chosen per transaction.