Music, Worship & Arts

Enjoy the excitement filled and emotional atmosphere as the New Destiny minstrels feature True Worship & Choir, Generation of Praise dancers and the Drama ministry.

If you have a call for Music, Worship & Arts and want to glorify God with your voice, volunteer today.


Drama Team

The purpose for the Drama team is to nurture and utilize the gifts God has given us, so Christ can be glorified through us. We evangelize by bringing the Gospel to our community through the very powerful media combination of art, music, and performance.

Generation of Praise Dancers (G.O.P)

Praise dancers enrich worship by creating excitement and an emotional atmosphere with dance. They are expressive with both their bodies and their faces, enlightening their audience with the joy they feel within their hearts. The Generation of Praise team is of all ages, male and female and are experienced or novice.



True Worship and Choir

Usher the congregation into worship by creating excitement and an emotional atmosphere with songs of praises to our Lord. 

Have a call for Music and Worship to glorify God with your voice? volunteer by clicking on the application below. 

Rehearsals are every Thursday at 7pm.