With Your Help, Give!

Your generosity can change a life and make a difference in the world. Designate your donation to Missions today with online giving, text giving or at church by way of envelope.

How we helped & What we do


Operation Christmas Child

In 2011 we partnered with Samaritan's Purse and sent 976 shoe boxes filled with "wow" items, personal care items, clothing and accessories, crafts and activities, toys and a personal note. When we made a donation online to Follow Your Box, we received a tracking label to find out the country where the shoe box was delivered with the message of Christ’s love. Preparation is year round and National Collect week is mid-November. Your support provided 7,835 love filled shoe boxes that have been delivered to over 100 third world countries.

2012 - 946 boxes

2013 - 927 boxes

2014 - 1,001 boxes

2015 - 1,043 boxes

2016 - 791 boxes

2017 - 1,059 boxes

2018 - 1,092 boxes


The Mission's team partners with Samaritan's Purse to provide a thirsty world with clean water. Providing clean water, coupled with health and hygiene education, is perhaps the most preventative measure we can take in keeping our world from infectious disease. Every day, 6,000 people die from dirty water.

In 2014, Missions hosted their first Walk/Run at the Pittsburg and Oakland campuses. Sponsors supported participants and the Kingdom Kids raised funds to walk three miles within the community. The cost of each well is $400. To date your financial support has provided 100 hand dug wells to third world countries. Join the Walk/Run efforts in Mid-June.

In 2014, $13,009 provided 32 hand dug wells.

In 2015, $15,005.47 provided 37 hand dug wells.

In 2017, $6,701.95 provided 16 hand dug wells.

In 2018, $6,175 provided 15 hand dug wells.

Missions Walk 6.27.2015.jpg


Smiles for Trella

The Mission team partnered with Samaritan’s Purse in the Mend a Cleft Lip project which sends specialized teams to places such as South Sudan and Bolivia to provide outpatient surgery for hundreds of patients. The gift of $250 enable to cover the cost of a life-changing procedure so the boys and girls can see how precious they are in the eyes of God. Sponsors support Smiles for Trella in mid-May.

In 2016, $4,259 providing 16 surgeries.

In 2017, $8,250 providing 33 surgeries. 

In 2018, $25,000 providing 100 surgeries.